Group Coahing

Group Coahing

January 5, 2016

Executive coaching in groups

With skilful facilitation a group of people can form a trusting and supportive development environment. With 6-8 participants meeting bi-monthly for half-day sessions over a longer period of time (ideally for 9 months or more) participants can get input from everyone else. Instead of one co-facilitator he/she will actually have several coaches. A coaching team has more resources than all its members combined. With qualified facilitation these resources are used for common goals. Development teams are ideally put together from executives who do not work together or know one other.

How is group coaching organized?

A coaching group (6 to 8 participants) meets at agreed times for regular sessions. Typically the sessions last 3-4 hours in the morning, sessions might be followed by a group lunch. Each team will make its own working plan and develop working routines, the leader (facilitator, coach) is supportive and offers different alternatives for development activities.
During the development meetings participants might discuss problems of mutual interest, solve problems posted by members or by facilitators, discuss papers/books that they have agreed to read through between sessions, invite guests for joint interview etc. Between sessions members typically agree to do a homework assignment the facilitator suggests. This task might include filling out a questionnaire, reading a paper, or trying to use some new management method or approach etc. There will be a time at each session for discussing results of the completed task as well as giving the group members an opportunity to ask for advice and input from others regarding challenging management issues.
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