Data protection

Your data is safe with us. 

At Executive Lab Search, we take your privacy seriously and follow all regulations and best practices for general data protection. We will only use your personal data to provide you with potential career opportunities. 

Data protection is the process of securing data and important information from being compromised or corrupted. Protecting the integrity and confidentiality of personal data involves monitoring user access to the software, ensuring that no one other than the individual data owner can access the information, protecting the confidentiality and integrity of those who are sharing the information, and building in security checks, while the use of systems online that help in this area, and avoid data breach which could damage a business a lot.

Data protection technology can help safeguard data by detecting unauthorized actions or alterations to an asset, and assisting the individual in maintaining the security of their own data.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us. If you wish us to delete your personal data from our database and opt out of receiving communication from us, then please let us know.