Tõnis Arro

Tonis arro
Tõnis Arro is executive search consultant and coach for individuals and teams.  He has established several companies in the fields of consulting and professional services, including the leading HR Consultancy Fontes, publishing company Hermes and the leading conference company Baltic Management Conferences, worked as CEO of Estonian Development Fund, the public parliamentary think tank and managed its investment arm, SmartCap as management board member and chairman. Tõnis Arro is has studied at Tartu and Helsinki Universities, London Business School and Academy of Executive Coaching (UK). He is Chairman or member of several boards, Kaufmann Fellow and teaching assistant at Kaufmann Fellows Academy courses.
Tõnis Arro's main professional focus is executive search and coaching for Private Equity and Venture Capital industry. He is assisting startups in co-founder matching and team development, helps smart startups grow into sustainable businesses by increased or added competence and raising additional capital.

Tõnis Arro's contact information:

+372 50 48929


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